Postop Instructions for Dentures / Partials

Sore Spots: In most cases, your mouth will have a few “sore spots” after wearing the denture/partial within the first week. After the first week if your mouth has not adjusted and the pain still exists, adjustments are needed to the denture/partial. These areas can be relieved with very little effort during your next appointment.

  • Chewing: Your new bite may not feel completely comfortable for several weeks. We can adjust the contacting surfaces of your teeth after the dentures/partials have settled into place.
  • Hygiene for your Dentures/Partials and your mouth: Your denture/partials can be cleaned easily by using a denture brush and running water. To further cleanse and freshen, Efferdent tablets may be used in conjunction with your denture bath. *Note: Denture bath water must be replaced nightly to minimize bacteria growth and calcium deposits on the prosthetic.

Dentures only: Gently brush your gums with a regular toothbrush once per day to toughen and clean them. 

Partials only: Use special care to clean parts of the partial that contact any natural teeth. Both the partial and the natural teeth must be kept very clean on a daily basis to reduce the chance of new dental decay starting.


We have done our best to provide you with well-fitted, functional and esthetic dentures/partials. We're confident that after a few weeks of becoming adjusted to your new dentures/partials, you will have years of satisfaction from them. In the absence of missing teeth, your jawbone and gums shrink. When this occurs, your dentures/partials will feel loose and may require relining. Wearing ill-fitting dentures/partials for too long without refitting may cause severe bone loss and very serious oral disease. Please call our office if you experience these symptoms. 

Your smile is an investment for a lifetime!






The greatest compliment our patients can give is the referral of their friends and loved ones.


Refer a friend or family member to us and be sure they mention your name on their paperwork so that we can personally thank you. We'll also send you a $25 gift card to show our appreciation after their new patient exam, x-rays and cleaning.

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